Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Cebu Orthopaedic Institute is one of the Orthopedic Clinics in the Philippines that incorporates office ultrasound in clinical practice.

The emerging role of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in office -based Orthopedics means improved diagnosis and treatment that translates to better patient care.
Point-of-care ultrasound brings great value to patient care in orthopedic practice. It is safe, cost effective and real time evaluation for orthopedic-related soft tissue pathologies.

In some cases, it may eliminate the need for the expensive MRI.

MSK Ultrasound

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT), also known as physiotherapy, is one of the allied health professions that, by using evidence-based kinesiology, electrotherapy, shockwave modality, exercise prescription, joint mobilization and health education, treats conditions such as chronic or acute pain, soft tissue injuries, cartilage damage, arthritis, gait disorders and physical impairments typically of musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neurological and endocrinological origins. Physical therapy is used to improve a patient’s physical functions through physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, physical intervention, rehabilitation and patient education. It is practiced by physical therapists (known as physiotherapists in many countries).


Physical Therapy
physical therapy 2

Advance Wound Care Center

Cebu Orthopaedic Institute Advance Wound Care and Diabetic Foot Clinic (COIAWCDFC)

Treatment of non-healing wound can be very challenging to both the Doctor as well the patient himself. At COIAWCDFC we are committed to treating various kind of chronic non healing wounds through a multidisciplinary approach to help our patients wound heal faster and return to normal activity of daily living.

Different types of wounds like diabetic foot ulcer, venous stasis ulcer, pressure ulcer, arterial and surgical wounds require specific management in order to heal. Our clinic is equipped with a variety of advanced wound dressing materials to address this problem. Out patient dressing can be done by our wound care nurse to have continuity of wound care as the patient is discharge from the hospital. We can coordinate with your attending physician and keep them informed of your progress. We have an advanced wound care team composed of:

  1. Advanced Wound Care Physician
  2. Wound Care Nurse
  3. Physical and Occupational Therapist
  4. Infectious Disease Specialist (referral Consultation)
  5. Endocrinologist (referral Consultation)
  6. Vascular Surgeon (referral Consultation)

Our Wound Care Services:

  1. Wound diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring.
  2. Cleaning and bandaging.
  3. Advanced dressing for hard to heal wounds.
  4. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy or Vacuum dressing.
  5. Medication and dressing prescription.
  6. Physical therapy – shoe modification, off loader.
  7. Surgical treatment – debridement to remove unhealthy or dead tissue.



Advanced Bone Radiology and Physical Therapy

Located at the 3rd level of Robinsons Cybergate offers digital x-ray services. X-ray images will be available to you within minutes so your doctor can evaluate it right away making it possible for a diagnosis and treatment plan be available to you at the same consultation day. Wheelchairs are also available for your convenience. Some HMOs are accepted here. For further inquiries call (032) 239-2211.

Day Surgery

With our patients in mind, our facility is dedicated to deliver the best outcome possible. Our treatment and casting rooms are designed for efficient orthopaedic minor outpatient procedures. As complexity of surgical procedures have expanded significantly, these rooms are well equipped with modern instrumentation and materials at par with worldwide standards. Our surgeons are also supported by a skilled team of nurses and surgical assistants.

Most commonly done minor procedures in our clinic are the following:

  1. Carpal tunnel surgery
  2. Trigger finger release
  3. De Quervain’s Disease surgery
  4. Removal of ganglion cysts
  5. Debridement and wound suturing
  6. Removal of Orthopaedic hardware
  7. Ingrown Toe Nail Surgeries
  8. Removal of sutures and staples
  9. Injections (Platelet-rich plasma, hyaluronic acid, corticosteroids)
  10. Joint aspirations
  11. Core needle Biopsies and small excision biopsies
  12. Closed reduction of dislocated joints
  13. …and more!

Dr. Barlaan performing an open release of Carpal tunnel under local anesthesia.

At COI, our goal is to ensure you have a safe, positive and personalized experience at every step of your outpatient orthopedic problems, without compromising patient’s satisfaction, results and outcome.


We have a dedicated casting room where we can do all kinds of castings or splinting using either the old plaster of paris (POP) bandage, fiber glass splint, or the fiberglass casting tape and all other materials used in conjunction with the casting. Two cast cutters are also available for removing circular casts or if cast wedging is necessary.

A warm blower is also available to hasten the hardening process of cast especially in serial casting for clubfoot. With the help of our trained staff, any casting procedures are made easier.

Dr. Jiao assisted by our staff performing
the Ponseti method of serial casting a
baby with clubfoot

Casting materials available at our disposal


We also have a variety of soft goods available for some orthopedic problems for your convenience.

These are:

1. Aircast boot
2. Lumbar support brace
3. Hinged Knee Brace
4. Wrist Splint
5. Neck Collars
6. Knee Immobilizer
7. Arm Slings
8. Shoulder Abduction Pillow
9. Crutches
10. Compression Stockings
11. And more

No need to look for them in the medical shops around the city to buy them specially if you need them right away.

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