In the midst of the current threat from the COVID-19 pandemic, we at the Cebu Orthopaedic Institute (COI) are committed in making our clinic safe not just for our staff but also to our dear patients. We are adopting safety standards based on the recommendations given by WHO and DOH for everyone’s safety.

1. Screening

A triage area where patients and guest are requested to fill up forms to screen for any signs and symptoms of the COVID-19.​


2. Protection

Please come with facemask and faceshield.


3. Temperature Checking

Foot bath, body temperature check, and hand hygiene with alcohol for both our staff and patients before entry into the clinic.

4. Distance Markers

Social distancing reminders and markers.


5. Social Distancing

Blocked seats to keep Social distancing in the Waiting area.


6. Crowd Control

To avoid crowding, we request that only the patient comes inside the clinic unless assistance is needed (eg. elderly, children, wheelchair bound, etc)

crowd control (2)

7. Hand Hygiene

Frequent hand disinfection among medical and non-medical staff.


8. Proper Protective Outfit

PPE gowns and gloves for both medical and non-medical staff especially in the treatment room.


9. HEPA Filter

We have placed HEPA filter air purifier device in the patient waiting area, our conference room, and Physical therapy center.

10. Acrylic barriers

Acrylic barriers between patients and doctors in the consultation rooms.


11. Cleanliness

Frequent cleaning and disinfection in the clinic such as the floors, seats, tables, walls, and even ballpens.