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The Cebu Orthopaedic Institute was established in June 1999 by seven Orthopaedic Surgeons (five of whom were Cebu-based and two whom were based in the US), with the vision of having a multi-specialty Orthopaedic clinic that would provide the best possible care to patients. Patterned after the "group practice" concept of specialty clinics in the US, it aims to offer patients the opportunity to see specialists in Orthopaedic Surgery who may be able to offer their
expert opinion on a patient’s specific problem.
Articles by our Surgeons
  • What is Back Pain?
  • Causes of Back Pain
  • Non-Surgical treatment of Back Pain
  • Surgical Treatment of Back Pain
  • Back Pain Recovery and Wellness
  • Key Low Back Pain Articles
Our Surgeons
Top Row
Dr. Agustin Miguel G. Morales, Dr. Jose Antonio G.San Juan, Dr. Mario L. Chan, Dr. Judith Valerie M. Akol,
Dr. Richard Vidal Condor, Dr. Robinson T. Uy,
Dr. Leopoldo J. Jiao
Bottom Row
Dr. Jose Flordelis
Dr. Ramon B. Gustilo, Dr. Robert U.Velasco
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